Administration – Accounting – Taxes and Management for SME’s/NGO’s



We will guide you throughout all processing steps of your general accounting and bookkeeping, whether it may be to check the end-of-year accounts or to carry out the permanent upgrades of your accounting.

Human Resources

You can decide to outsource the salary processing for reasons of confidentiality, to ease the monitoring of legislation, or to dedicate all of your time to the management of your enterprise.

Monthly Management

Annual Accounts

Administration of Personnel


Due to the complexity of the tax system and the numerous legislative modifications in this matter, it is important to be guided by a tax consultant. The constant updating of knowledge and the thorough mas-tery of recent dispositions of reforms allow our specialists to accompany you during the transaction and projects of your enterprise.

Standard Taxation of Companies

Tax Consulting/Restructuring


Consulting for Special Tax Status



In an economic environment with legal complexities, you may need consulting and guidance in your actions and decision-making. You benefit from personalized and competent consulting thanks to our experience and broad scope of skills.

Organizational Advising

Company Financing

Acquisition, Transmission or Succession of Company

Advisory Mandate

Consulting in Terms of Code of Obligations Switzerland